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Karen is an enthusiastic forest guide and a seasoned expert in her domain, holding official certification from Peter Wohlleben's Waldakademie. Juggling the roles of a devoted single mother of two and a qualified educator since 2003, she possesses a distinct affinity for oriental philosophies and spiritual practices.

Karen's fascination with oriental philosophy and spirituality was ignited during a transformative journey to Japan at the tender age of 19, where she encountered the profound tenets of Shintoism.

Her commitment to holistic wellness extends to her comprehensive studies in Chinese medicine, along with two decades of dedicated practice in Tai-chi and Qi-gong. Adding to her repertoire, she has engaged in Eurythmy and Meditation since her formative years.

In 2016, Karen confronted an arduous burnout episode, necessitating her diligent self-guided research to regain physical equilibrium. This pivotal juncture led her to achieve certification as a "facial yoga" instructor in 2017, under the esteemed tutelage of Fumiko Takatsu.

During this transformative phase, Karen rediscovered her roots and reconnected with the educational foundation she received at the renowned "Waldorf" school. The Waldorf School, founded by the eminent German philosopher Rudolf Steiner, embodies an education deeply intertwined with nature's rhythms.

In her quest for recovery, Karen sought solace and renewal amidst the embrace of nature, primarily within the soothing confines of the forest's embrace.


This profound reconnection catalyzed her realization that the practice of Forest Bathing serves as an ideal conduit for guiding others towards profound life changes, while unveiling the manifold and remarkable merits of nature's bounty.

Photo of Karen Decker from Beschcoaching


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