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Today everything must be done quickly. We are oblivious to the extreme and constant stimulation of our senses, as well as the constant outpouring of adrenaline.

For example, when running in the forest with the goal of getting rid of nervous tensions in such a relaxing environment, we are in fact subjecting the body to another stressful situation.

Stress, whether positive or negative, has the same consequences on the metabolism: it will produce adrenaline. This phenomenon dates back to the dawn of time. It already existed at the time of the hunter-gatherer, when he encountered a predator, thus generating this physiological reaction known as the reflex, necessary for his survival.


Obviously, I am not saying that it is not good to play sports or to run!

However, from a scientific standpoint, the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, both of which regulate stress hormones, are constantly being stimulated.


Thus, from the start of the day, public transport and traffic jams feel like a confrontation with predators, knowing that for most people, the workplace really is the next challenge to overcome.


These stressful situations are part of the daily life of modern man, and we no longer realize their negative effects on the body, which as a consequence no longer has time to inject hormones that will allow it to get rid of stress, to relax and recover.


This process causes depression, burnout, heart attacks, strokes etc ..., like a pressure cooker constantly under pressure until a joint breaks.


Previously, the survival of the hunter-gatherer depended on his natural ability to remain calm in the forest, to blend in with his natural environment to be on the lookout for the slightest danger.


The natural state of calm of the hunter-gatherer should also be that of modern man. But being constantly stimulated, even stressed by his environment, modern man is far from his natural state, and from the calm necessary for his performance.


The coaching technique that I propose consists of a combination of practical tools used according to the needs of the person(s) at the time of the session. Among the tools I use, there is for example meditation, "mindfulness" or anchored in the present moment, conscious walking. These methods allow the supervised person to return to the state of inner calm of the hunter-gatherer in the forest.


To this end, I offer three different coaching formulas, namely the individual session (including the package deal), the family session as well as the group session.

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