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Karen is a a forest coach, single mother of 2, a graduate educator, passionate of Eastern philosophy, studied Chinese medicine, long time practitioner of tai chi /qi gong / eurythmy and a certified “face yoga” teacher.

4 years ago she experienced an intense burnout, that she had to overcome by doing a lot of her own research to physically get back on her feet.

During this difficult time she decided to go back to her roots, as she is a “Waldorf” child (private school that promotes education close to nature), she spent most of her time outdoors, in the woods, where she feels centered and serene.

One day she realized that this is also the ideal space for her to help others create meaningful change in their lives and show them the benefits of forest bathing.



Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) has its origins in Japan and is a preventive health care and healing practice in Japanese medicine.

Shinrin Yoku invites us to reconnect with nature and opens our senses while bonding with the forest.

Studies also show that a session can significantly:


-reduce depression and anxiety

-prevent burnout
-reduce stress levels
-lower heart rate
-strengthen the immune system

- increase natural killer cells in the body
-enhance wellbeing
-increase empathy
-increase creative thinking

-improve sleep

-lower cortisol levels


I went for a walk with Karen and I can say it’s a very peaceful way to discover the forest from a new perspective.

Karen will make sure you are present in the moment (we really need to be reminded about this) and will show you sides of nature you would probably easily miss otherwise.

By calmly focusing on what’s around you (and forest has so much beauty to show) you clear your mind of your everyday thoughts, fears, problems and, if you did that, you already achieved a lot. I think the big realisation behind all this is that most of the problems are not as critical as the society pressure makes us believe. Everything can wait, just give yourself the time to enjoy what’s around you. And why not starting with the forest ? 


Book a session with Karen via email or by phone:

karen@beschcoaching.lu \\ Tel: (+352) 691 457 002

Note that all session can be given in English, French, German or Luxembourgish.