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Select the Forest Bathing formula that suits your needs

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  • Offer yourself a moment of deep relaxation. (francais plus bas)

    Offered Daily1 hr 30 min
    85 euros


Including 5 individual sessions

Deepen your ability to feel and embody the forest  with a series of relaxing sessions that reconnect you to your deepest emotions.


Also, get a direct discount and the Beschcoaching mug along with 5 sessions!

Price :  395 EUR/pers.

Duration : 5x 1.30 H.


Please contact me to schedule your dates.


Family Session

Forest Bathing with your family is the healthiest thing to do!

Get your loved ones to enjoy discovering the forest with a coach that will make it more than just another walk.


Also it's FREE for your kids!


Price :  140 EUR.


Max. Participants : 2 adults and their kids.

Duration : 1.30 H.

Please contact me for further details.


Group Session

Forest bathe with your colleagues and rediscover your own nature!!

Group coaching is like climbing a mountain.


The group dynamic, the rhythm, being roped up and helping each other compose the essence of these sessions.

Price :  Varies according to the circumstances (i.e types of groups, number of attendants, etc...)

Duration : Varies according to the circumstances

Please contact me for further details.